Washed & Restless' Inaugural Brunch
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Washed & Restless' Inaugural Brunch

About Us:

Washed & Restless is a bottomless brunch day-party series built for the community. We’re a team of individuals coming from different backgrounds with a common interest in enhancing the culture. W&R allows a unique opportunity for social expression, kinship and fun.

Providing an interactive platform for all, Washed & Restless caters specifically to:

  • like-minded creatives
  • young business professionals
  • ambitious entrepreneurs
  • culture contributors

At W&R we believe that fellowship holds more value than “networking.” There’s always something to celebrate, live life to the fullest and don’t let adulting stop you.

WARNING: This is not your typical brunch!

The term “Washed & Restless” was coined almost specifically for the adulting millennial. Some of us might not want to admit we’re washed, but we can’t ignore that brick wall we hit at 8:30 on a Friday night. If you’re anything like us, you’re looking to drop the weight of the week, pick up a mimosa and still be able to find some quiet time for that Netflix special.

Washed & Restless provides a unique opportunity to do just that. We bring:

  • a positive vibe
  • quality music
  • scenery
  • great food
  • bottomless mimosas
  • and a little milly rock from every block

This is a space where our guests can connect offline and feel comfortable being their authentic selves.

At Washed & Restless we don’t “network” we fellowship and with bottomless mimosas, that’s easy even for the introvert.


"The Process"

"The Pregame"

"The Kick-Off"


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